LETTER: Demolition would be vandalism (Lewes District Council, CC Sussex Express)

I strongly object to the Santon/LDC plans for the North Street area of Lewes for the following reasons:

The North Street development offers a unique opportunity to create working and living spaces that inspire admiration, and overcome any challenges faced with bold innovation. It is vital that towns plan and design for long-term human and cultural gain.

It would be very poor judgement indeed to erase a very well-established working community in the North Street area of Lewes.

The North Street community is an industrious, creative and lively one. This unique community should be admired, encouraged and supported, not moved on. It is from these creative hubs that great ideas emerge from, and the potential enterprise and commerce that great ideas bring. There is a very real possibility that the many hundreds of jobs currently situated in the North Street area will be driven in to other towns. Surely that is the opposite of encouraging enterprise.

To demolish the Phoenix Iron Works would be an act of vandalism. Preserving and reusing the architectural past is not the easy option, but it brings with it such rich rewards. To protect the Phoenix Iron Works would protect links with Lewes’ past, and offer any development a distinct visual appeal. The erosion of our cultural heritage is an immensely blinkered approach to development. Please protect our cultural heritage.

Lewes desperately needs truly affordable housing. The Santon/LDC plan does not offer the residents Lewes truly affordable housing. To address housing need in the area a substantial proportion of the North Street site must offer truly affordable housing. This development should be designed and created in the spirit of sustainability for people and for resources.

Donna Lonsdale-O’Brien

Blatchington Road, Seaford