LETTER: Depressing letter

I’m afraid I found Norman Baker’s self-justifying letter in the Sussex Express (May 12, 2017), urging the Green Party to withdraw its candidate from this election, as it has now done, both unnecessary and depressing.

Referring to the 2015 election result, Green voters, he said, ‘may have drunk champagne on the day, but have suffered a hangover ever since’.

May I declare that as one such voter I do not regret for a minute having voted against a party (the Lib Dems) who had sustained in power a government (of which Mr Baker himself was a member), that brought in a raft of some of the most reactionary measures in modern times.

In fact, there’s a strong case for saying that if the Lib Dems hadn’t gone into coalition with the Tories we wouldn’t have ended up with the outcome that we now have.

In 2015 they could not escape responsibility for that, and deservedly got a salutary kicking. Among other things, they made a thorough hash of the referendum on proportional representation that they promised us faithfully they would bring in, which means I am now faced with the prospect of voting for a party whose policies I do not fully support and whose record is to say the least dubious.

Ralph Grillo

Bradford Road, Lewes