LETTER: Development forced upon us

Why is it that successive correspondents continue to ignore the cause and yet complain about the effect?

Captain Wayt (Express, October 16) criticises the Government, and Cameron in particular, being ‘hell bent’ on building a million new homes come what may, and if local planning authorities fail to approve such, then central government will.

But this is the effect. The cause is the net increase in the population of 320,000 a year. The effect (need for housing) in turn has knock on effects which seem to surprise other correspondents. The knock on effects are, of course, the lack of school places, the overstretched NHS and other infrastructure necessary to support the increase in population.

This translates to a new town the size of Seaford every month. It’s not rocket science is it? We can either accept the

predicament we have allowed successive governments to hoist upon us, or leave the EU and regain control of our destiny.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham

Chairman, UKIP Lewes