LETTER: Development will harm community

I would like to add my voice to those of other residents and supporters of East Chiltington.

This is a small rural hamlet loved by its residents and walkers, horse riders and other visitors for its peace, beauty and isolation. I feel strongly that the SDNP was set up to protect areas like this and the communities they are home to and the visitors who appreciate their intrinsic worth.

East Chiltington is now threatened with a development which will harm the environment and the community and deprive us of our community green space, The Hollycroft Field.

This development will add large numbers of car journeys up and down the one track lane. This will be dangerous for horse riders who use the lane to access the Downs (and thereby damage the local livery businesses), it will destroy the nature of walking on the quiet lanes which are criss-crossed by our network of footpaths and thus deter tourists, and it will remove forever the safe green space where the village gathers for daily recreation and special occasions.

Please listen to the people who live here. If you need an example of the detrimental impact an increase in traffic might have, the closure of the current Plumpton level crossing is sending a large number of vehicles on an un-signed detour along Novington Lane which is already causing widespread damage to the verges, obstructions and problems for riders, cyclists and walkers.

Roddy Boulton

The Grange

East Chiltington