LETTER: Disappointed

Along with many others I did my little bit to help Kelly-Marie in Lewes, and the result is a bitter disappointment.

The prospect of being ‘represented’, by an unthinking Brextremist, backed by her UKIP cronies could hardly be more miserable. I wish Kelly-Marie well with all my heart, but there is no time for looking back.

Theresa May’s National failure has presented all of us who care about this country with a chance, and we must grasp it. The monumental folly of article 50, lit a blue touch paper, and the rocket is pointed at our jobs services and security.

Limping Theresa has written a blank cheque to the DUP, a party that has an entirely different perspective on what constitutes hard bargaining and hard borders.

Like Europe they will have registered her weakness. It is beyond credibility that a divided country should be dragged into penury on the back of corrupt pork barrel deals in hidden rooms, and infuriating that we,in Lewes, are... ”represented” by a woman whose sycophancy has been her defining feature.

I agree with David Davies in whose opinion... The Conservatives losing their majority at the general election could amount to the party losing its mandate to take Britain out of the single market... and that the British people would make “their decision” on the Brexit proposal.

We did; and lets be crystal clear, Theresa May said she was going to the country because she did not have the authority to negotiate Brexit. Now she does not have a mandate to fix my boiler.

She has to go, and sticking two fingers up and 48 per cent of us has to stop. We may be stuck with the dismally po–faced Ms Caulfield, but the bad news for her is that is that she is stuck with us.

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent, Lewes