LETTER: Disgraceful

A better name for ‘the Lewes Progressives’ (Express June 9) mocking election candidate, Maria Caulfield, a few days before the general election would be ‘the Lewes Mountebanks’.

What a disgraceful episode. The pits in a dirty, dishonest, lie-ridden campaign on the part of opposition parties working together to discredit Maria Caulfield now re-elected as Conservative MP for Lewes with a very much improved majority. Thank goodness the electorate can see through such shoddy, miserable behaviour and vote for an honest hard working young lady who has brought hope and light to this constituency.

One reason the Conservatives lost a few seats is that they did not enter into such disgraceful behaviour adopted by the opposition. Being able to change your mind, modify a view or say an issue is up for discussion before a decision can be made is a sign of maturity and honesty. The electorate in some constituencies misinterpreted this as weakness rather than one of strength and stability. Hence the hung parliament.

Of course the Sound of Music is full of praise for Maria and the next lyric is “how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand.”

Cllr Alan Latham