LETTER: Disgraceful to see the rubbish

Ref to the Beddingham area near to Lewes, it is disgraceful to see all the rubbish blown in the fields.

You cannot blame the landfill site which is no longer in use, it is mindless people who throw it from cars plus our broken tarmac roads from Tarring Nevill to Newhaven since the A26 was sold over to Kent Highway Agency roads are worse, breaking all the time, heavy vehicles are pounding those roads all day long and breaking up the roads where are they going wrong?

Our roads are a number one priority. Complaints have been made as Sussex people we are the better judge of our roads as we are on them every day.

With the volumes of today’s traffic roads must be made thicker to last a good five years thus saving on expense every year. We blame all road problems on the weather - not so - we did not have a bad winter this year but the roads are still breaking into potholes.

D Myles

Brands Close, South Heighton, Newhaven