LETTER: Disingenuous intentions

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that our MP Maria Caulfield is intending to address the issue of loneliness in older people.

I know that Lewes and Seaford are specifically mentioned and that is good. However, I would like to remind Ms Caulfield that over a year ago she received a letter from a successful befriending scheme in the Havens areas that was closing due to our council pulling the funding.

The letter was a plea for ideas and support to see what could be done to sustain the service. The project was then supporting more than 100 people over the age of 55 years to minimise their isolation and loneliness and integrate them into the community. An enormous amount of work went into making it a success and we had plans to extend into Seaford given support and help to access funding.

After waiting many weeks we received a cursory response to say that Ms Caulfield had passed the letter to an assistant to deal with. By the time the project closed a few months later we had received not a peep out of this assistant. I am sorry but I feel her intention to find ways to tackle loneliness now is disingenuous.

Frederica Gandolf

Evelyn Avenue, Newhaven