LETTER: Don’t close amazing school

I know you are following the story about the school closures. My parents have sent this email to each of the councillors on the cabinet that could overturn our protest and I think the email says it all so well:

I feel compelled to write to you as a grandmother of a five-year-old pupil at Rodmell School to proffer my absolute disgust that the council feels the need to consider closing this amazing school.

I have always been a loyal Conservative voter all my adult life but I am left disappointed and disgruntled that there could be any question on the viability of this family community school.

My grandson started at Rodmell School when he was just four and the kindness and care shown to him, not only from the teachers but also all the older pupils who make a point of looking after the younger ones, is an absolute delight to see.

My grandson has flourished in this wonderful environment and although still only five, can already read and write. These children would be absolutely devastated to be taken away from Rodmell School and placed elsewhere in classes of 30 plus should there be any places for them.

Perhaps you could let me know, if the school should close, where there are places in local schools at a comparable level of Ofsted ratings, where he could be placed.

I have today read in the local news that Lewes has agreed to take in a number of immigrants whose children will no doubt be looking for local schools. I also understand that new housing estates are planned for Lewes, which will surely produce a large number of children coming into the area who will need to be placed in local schools.

I wonder how far this has been thought through and I guess you realise from the level of protest that the parents, villagers, and teachers will not be taking this lightly. This is a hugely successful school which I believe has got everything spot on and it would be a tragedy to see it closed.

I appeal to you to think again and allow this highly successful school to keep on flourishing, producing happy and well-educated children in readiness for the next stage in their school lives.

I would appreciate your comments.

Anne Lenton