Letter: Don’t develop Hailsham

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This concerns the ‘gang of developers’ in Hailsham article.

I have lived in and around this area from Arlington, Upper Dicker and Herstmonceux for more than 25 years but recently moved to Hailsham.

One of the things that was mentioned is the idea of Hempstead Lane being used as the main route in and out of Hailsham. This would be a disaster as it would require yet another roundabout on the A22, as well as a massive increase of noise in a new ‘residential area’.

Already here we have no bus route, no new doctors, no new schools, one secondary school is already too crowded and no shops are within easy walking distance.

Living a mile and a half from Hailsham means a 25 minute walk and, as I am now 65, this is okay but not when carrying shopping.

This aspect has not been looked at by developers who are just keen to put up more and more units/houses with no infrastracture.

I gather there are issues in Wealden/Hailsham with the roads, water and sewage facilities and lack of work once the building workers leave.

The town is becoming more and more grid locked with traffic and this has not been considered. People have to go into the town because that is where all the shops are so if you are not fit, elderly or with young children, you tend to choose the car.

In all I am not sure that this area can cope with more developement, what with the current building going on in Hailsham and Hellingly. I will remain a patient of my doctor in Herstmonceux until I am sure there is enough capacity in Hailsham.

Please don’t let them develope Hailsham.

Pat McCartney,