LETTER: Don’t the leavers count?

I’m sure Robin Bextor would have been smugly congratulating himself on seeing his letter attacking Maria Caulfield in pole position on the Opinions page (Friday July ) of the Sussex Express until his eyes drifted to the left and read your Leader “This is democracy – MP’s decision shows she has the courage of her convictions”.

59,482 people in the Lewes constituency voted in the EU Referendum.

Of those 30,974 voted to remain and 28,508 voted to leave so, yes, Mr Bextor is correct in saying Lewes voted to remain – by a majority of 2,466 votes – hardly what one would call a massive landslide for the remainers.

If Mr Bextor thinks Maria should only champion the 30, 974 people who voted to remain; what does he suggest she says to the 28,508 people who voted to leave? Or don’t they count in Mr Bextor’s view?

Maria is a supporter of Brexit and has never made a secret of it, unlike many politicians in all parties who have kept their views to themselves to ensure they appear on the “winning” side at the end of the day.

Since it is now the duty of the Government to deliver the Brexit that was promised immediately after the referendum result (when Theresa May said “Brexit means Brexit”), Maria, amongst others, is helping to ensure this happens. Her resignation was a protest against the complete fudge the Government has made so far in extracting this country from the EU under terms that the majority of people voted for – OUT MEANS OUT.

Mr Bextor’s letter is nothing more than a ‘petulant childish stunt’ from a remoaner who can’t get his own way, and if he thinks the Lewes Conservative Association would ever consider deselecting one of the best MP’s they have ever had then he can think again.

Wendy Alexander

Old Drive