Letter: EoN figures Conservative

BRIAN BECK queries EoN’s estimates for the number of households that can be supplied by the proposed offshore wind farm but, as far as I can see, EoN are perhaps being conservative. Total domestic electricity consumption in the UK in 2010, was 119 TWh (Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change), and the number of households is 26.3 million (Source: Office for National Statistics).

So the average household electricity consumption was 4,513 kWh per year. Let us assume that the capacity factor of the proposed windfarm is 0.35. Then the electricity production in a year will be 2.15 TWh. That corresponds to the consumption of 475,000 households – slightly more than EoN suggests.

I have no connection with EoN. I do advise RenewableUK (and other bodies) on technical issues, but am independent.

David Milborrow, Lewes