LETTER: Everything we need to know

Wendy Alexander (May 19) tells us everything we want to know about the Tory party when she describes a woman of nearly 40 as a “girl”.

Hers is the party of privilege and power, who are interested in the rich staying rich, the poor staying poor, and nurses going to food banks, and now the party that she and Ms Caulfield support will tax the old if they are so unwise as to fall in need of care. Ms Alexander is good enough to inform us of Kelly-Marie Blundell’s political history. She shows us that Ms Blundell got her political education the hard way, on the streets and doorsteps.

She reminds us that Ms Blundell has only recently moved to the constituency. The point is that she has moved.

She asks what Ms Blundell has done. Well, for instance, she led the Save Seaford Trains campaign, which has had some effect on the obduracy of government policy. Meanwhile, Ms Caulfield trumpets her many meetings with the doctrinaire Transport Secretary but has had minimal effect on the nonsensical transport policy of her own government. I’d rather have an MP who gets something done.

Rob Parsons

Mill Path, Ringmer