LETTER: Fed up of laissez faire attitude

This letter is to announce the formation of Lewes Against Drugs.

A growing body of people who live in the town have had enough of the laissez faire attitude of our authorities to the use of drugs in Lewes, particularly the Police.

The smell of cannabis hangs in almost every street in Lewes, and various venues promote events where drugs are openly used.

The Lewes forum is awash with comment from residents who have had enough. And it’s not just cannabis, cocaine is taking a hold of Lewes with evidence showing it is routinely used in many pubs and other entertainment venues. http://www.lewes.co.uk/forum/post/Drugs+in+lewes/91343

Yet, despite the Sussex Police HQ being up the road nothing is done. The Police avoid ‘cultural sanctuaries’ in Lewes, where drugs are openly cultivated and used. Our Police Commissioner Katy Bourne does nothing. She will be standing for re-election next year so perhaps she will now.

Lewes Against Drugs is a new group and will not stop until the town is cleaned up. This is not some sprawling cityscape, it’s a small town that is in the grip of a drugs problem. Just because other towns and cities are riddled with drugs why should we stop trying to put things right on our doorstep?

I hope the Sussex Express has the backbone to report on this issue and not ignore a rapidly growing social curse.

Kelly Carpenter

L.A.D Chair