LETTER: Fireworks fatigue

I hate to be a killjoy but I don’t think I am alone in wishing firework displays were restricted to one night of the year, November 5 or the nearest Saturday.

I am so fed up with this event becoming a two-week nightmare and think it’s time we treated unofficial use of fireworks as the nuisance it is.

Of course pet owners expect the event and some of us prepare for it but it isn’t easy to maintain a frightened animals well-being for a fortnight.

I was hearing fireworks on and around October 27 and every night since, often starting as early as 7pm and still going on at past midnight.

It’s hard to imagine any individual making the noise fireworks make by some other means and not being arrested for a breach of the peace.

Nothing wrong with organised events and having fun but this is no longer an annual event on November 5. It is now lasting over ten days and this surely isn’t acceptable.

One last thing: would we not be better off and more sociable if we replaced fireworks with spectacular laser displays?

I saw Jean Michel Jarre at London Docklands and his light display was vastly more spectacular than any firework display I’ve ever seen anywhere.

John Flynn

Ringmer Road, Lewes