LETTER: Flood plains will return to their named fame

Even the BBC TV regional programme arrived there yesterday. Arrived where? Rising sea levels. South Downs coastal erosion.

Tumbling cliffs. This water will not ignore the Ouse. The Ouse will periodically rise with the conjunction of the sun and the moon being in line and enforcing maximum gravity pull from those two bodies on the tides. Hard to think of a countervailing move that can be taken to bypass this. That is possibly why one has not been found.

Flood plains will return to their named fame. The very reason that The Department of the Environment said at the time of the flooding of the Somerset Levels, “...don’t build on flood plains” Stanton is ignoring this and obeying one guiding credence.

Make money. Make money whatever the cost, whatever the ruination of future housing populations, but make money. Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council, The South Downs National Park Authority and The Department of the Environment are all friends of Stanton. The last have become famous goal post movers. When asked recently about Stanton’s Lewes plans they had shifted from their Somerset Level proclamation. “...so long as there are adequate flood defences.”

The North Street Quarter will flood. Lewes has flooded forty times in the last one thousand years. Record and rising sea levels that now hit a two thousand year bench mark will not trickle past a flood plain. What closed off the Pells area for three weeks two years ago, the mutated path that runs along the river from Willey’s Bridge to Tesco, the second world war pill boxes that decorate the western bank of the Ouse from Lewes to Barcombe that sit lower than the fifteen year old flood bank, all tell the same story. Don’t build on the North Street Quarter. It will flood.

The Phoenix Rising group are staging a march around Lewes that leaves Phoenix Place at 10am on Saturday the 5th of December. This is not the final act of protest against the inhuman money makers, it is possibly the first. Join it.

Colin Frost-Herbert

Abinger Place, Lewes