LETTER: Footloose Pele – my gratitude

Please let me thank a small cast of stellar characters who helped me recover Pele, the footloose Jack Russell, over a rollercoaster 12 hours on August 24/25 when he opted to explore Lewes instead of heading home with me or quite close to me.

Firstly, the mystery man who first detained him in the Aqua car park around 8.45pm on Thursday, Melanie and Lesley who took Pele home and called the Dog Warden, and of course Lesley’s dog who allowed him in the house! Then it was the turn of Liam, the Dog Warden – a man who loves his job. And it shows.

Paul on the Lewes District Council Helpline was a total professional, nd I was very grateful for Julian’s wise advice. In a display of true-Brit modesty, the point was made to me that there’s no need to reward or recognise anyone simply for doing the right thing.

But as the tide of white-noise bad or mediocre news rises ever higher, I think there is.

David Evans

Court Road, Lewes