Letter: Future of Homefield

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THE future of Homefield Place in Seaford will be up for discussion in the near future. As a District and Town Councillor I shall be saddened if Seaford were to lose yet another infrastructure.

Over the past few years we have lost valuable amenities and infrastructure. It is therefore important that we should fight to retain this building for the use of the town.

Some people will argue that the location of Homefield Place means that it is not worth saving and fighting for. 

I disagree, as every asset that Seaford loses becomes more difficult to replace. 

The town has few expansion areas to rebuild on.

I hope this valuable space/building will not one day be sold off to developers. While no decision has yet been taken by East Sussex County Council on the future of Homefield Place, I think it is important that we start a proactive campaign to save this building. There is a need for the various groups in Seaford to come together and see if they could take over the running of the building for the benefit of Seaford.

Cllr Sam Adeniji,

District and Town

Councillor Seaford

South Ward