LETTER: Girls allowed

Many years of my life were spent working with young people and, forever, it seemed, trying to secure resources for their education and leisure activities.

So, I have been really pleased to see the installation of, what seem to me to be, first-class facilities in Lewes for skateboarding.

I pass the park almost every day and have been able to watch its development and enjoy the skills of the users. One thing is very striking to me (other than the litter!) and that is the almost complete absence of girls and young women using the facilities.

Is it that skateboarding is just not attractive to them? If so, then I wonder if someone is thinking about raising and spending a similar amount of money on their activities.

On the other hand, maybe there are girls and young women who would love to work out there but who see it as a ‘male’ space?

If this was the case, then is there a need for female-only time slots? And who would organise them? I’d be really interested to hear other people’s (especially young people’s) views.

Mike Boice

Spences Lane, Lewes