Letter: Give back our money

LOCAL Councillor Carolyn Lambert says the Conservative Seaford Town Council has lost all credibility after they pushed through one of the highest tax increases in Sussex to fund a party for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee within a year of taking control of the town council, despite an election pledge to freeze tax rises.

Cllr Lambert says: “Residents may well wish to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, perhaps by holding street parties which they can fund themselves. We don’t need the town council to tax us for £10,000 and then tell us how we should celebrate the jubilee. The Conservatives are taxing everyone in Seaford to pay for a party for the minority.

“Residents have been writing to me expressing their anger at broken Conservative promises. One Conservative councillor has even resigned over the issue. It’s clear democracy has lost out this time. The council should now cancel this tax increase and concentrate on providing services to Seaford residents.”

Richard Byrne,


Organiser for Lewes Liberal Democrats