LETTER: Give it to the town

There has been a lot of disquiet expressed about the future use of the Turkish Baths.

Some local people would like to see it become another community hub for the creative arts and crafts. However, cash-strapped Lewes District Council see sense in it realising a commercial return.

I have a solution that I think makes the greatest sense of all. I understand the Thebes, adjacent to the historic Lewes House, is soon to say a fond farewell to its current tenant, Lewes Grammar School.

For readers who don’t know, the Thebes has artistic connections that extend deep into our town’s past.

What a fabulous gesture it would be for the council to offer this architectural gem to the town, a place where our mercurial and brilliant arts community, many displaced from North Street Quarter, can display and sell work, share ideas and enchant visitors and residents alike.

I am just a humble amateur potter, but I would love to display my wares there.

Richard Green

Castle View Croft

High Street, Lewes