LETTER: Going online is not good enough

To ‘the Barclays Team’.

Thank you for your letters on 5/10/15 and 12/10/15 on the subject of my transferring my account to the Lewes NatWest branch.

I should have notified you of my decision before, but I thought it best to do so when the operation was completed.

I have enjoyed being a customer of Barclays thanks to the unfailing friendliness and efficiency of your members of staff Marianne and Dawn, but I must express my feelings of anger and disappointment at the way we Barclays customers in Ringmer have been treated.

We understand that circumstances change and that banks have to move with the times, but as a public relations exercise it has been an utter failure which could hardly be said to have promoted your image as a ‘caring bank’!

Your ‘team’ treated us with a total lack of consideration, assuming that elderly customers would be quite happy to start banking online and climb the steep slope leading to your Lewes branch. They even had the gall to put the following notice on the ATM: This branch will close on Friday October 23. Your bank is always open’!

(Mrs) Denise Hadley