LETTER: Good thinking Dave

The UKIP needle seems stuck on immigration figures. I would argue why they are exaggerated but everyone knows why already.

Clearly events in Paris have fanned the anti-immigration and racist flames. Even without those events, the UKIP messages in last week’s letters would be music to the government’s ears. Why so? Because its making sure that our eyes are taken off the ball.

This government is about to push through a whole raft of measures aimed, so they say, to improve the country’s economic state.

They want to change the contracts of junior doctors so they can be asked to work more hours a week, thus cutting the needs for more doctors in the NHS. Putting our lives at risk because these doctors become overworked and exhausted does not seem to register.

They are also cutting the funding for local government. This means frontline service will need to be cut and Brighton and Hove may be about to follow Oxfordshire in this regard. Oxfordshire’s Chief Exec’s letter exchange with David Cameron seems to indicate that the latter had thought you could keep cutting staff and keep selling off unused property forever to pay for the shortfall. If you sold it last year you can’t sell it this year.

The whole immigration, anti-terrorist becomes more difficult to police when you cut the police force too.

This is one that Dave hasn’t realised yet... or is he expecting police officers hours to go to 170 hours a week too? But what constitutes a terrorist? Apparently Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to national security. It’s by those sort of words in some countries that you would know that your imminent arrest is coming not to mention the rest of your group because by implication, they are all a danger to the state.

To find out who belongs to that group or sympathises you might have to start getting the security services to scan emails and look at which websites people have been visiting.

“Subversives” could then be made to disappear.

But that wouldn’t happen here would it because we have the Human Rights act to protect us...except this government wants to repeal that. Worried yet?

Perhaps this is the Conservative answer to immigration. Let’s make the UK a worse place then the immigrants have come from so they won’t want to come here.

Good thinking Dave.

Rod Main

Northfield Close