LETTER: Green fields are being plundered

I read Commander Roger Paine’s letter (Sussex Express, Hailsham, 9 Oct 2015) with great admiration for the awful truth he alerts us to about Wealden District Council’s unleashed desire to rob this lovely county of precious land for unsightly and ill-conceived building developments in and around Hellingly – and beyond.

This disease to plunder and rob this green and pleasant land of large areas of Green Field sites within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty seems unstoppable, as proved by an application to build “up to 26 houses” in a 0.7 acre plot of Green Field land smack bang in the middle of the small village of Cross-in-Hand.

Even the council admitted, “The impact of the development is acknowledged. The development of homes will have a marked change on the character of the village in the transition from field and garden to housing; however this is not necessarily to its detriment by default.”

More, utter hogwash, but what the hell, WDC/ESCC will “crack on”. If you thought living in an AONB and near a Green Field site was safe from development, then expect that site to be desecrated by the march of the developers and the willing obsequious courtiers within Wealden/ESCC. All objections will be met with the Jack-Boot mentality under Cameron’s new mantra, “if you don’t we will” and new homes will be built where we say, eg “automatic planning permission in principle on brownfield sites.” (and Green Field sites too: you’ll see).

Cameron (as was Prescott) is hell bent to achieve the adoption of such plans as critical to his aim of achieving an extra ONE MILLION homes in this parliament – with piles of them in East Sussex, squashed into fields maybe meant for one or two houses.

There is NO safe place now with such a spread if the developers of Plan WD/2015/1150/MAO get full approval.

Captain Bryn Wayt

Mayfield Flat