LETTER: Hailsham High Street is dead

Just take a look along Hailsham High Street right now – it’s dead.

No movement, no business, just a vast expanse of prohibitively expensive relaid surfaces and paths.

One of the senior executives on the East Sussex County Council presiding over the extended roadworks in Hailsham High Street and George Street talks about a “degree of disruption” and says he is “sorry that these works have had an impact on your business”.

Such mealy-mouthed comments only serve to underline the chasm that exists between those in distant offices earning inflated salaries, cushioned from the present harsh realities experienced by High Street traders struggling to stay afloat.

As far as our local councillors are concerned – not one has seen fit to visit the local businesses to express solidarity at this time.

Their mantra is that when it is all finished people will flood back into town.

I should live so long.

Paula Rehberg

High Street, Hailsham