LETTER: Hailsham’s lights out

I was so looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights in Hailsham this year as I have thought for the past few years the town looked excellent with all the colours lining both sides of the town and certainly looked so much better than Eastbourne.

What a disappointment this year. No colours, no lights down into Market Square, a few garlands strung across the High Street, the odd one or two in George Street and a solitary strand into Victoria Street, while coloured bulbs hang lifeless outside the police station and in the tree outside Costa Coffee.

I do understand that the LED lights are less expensive to run but coloured LEDs are available as well as white.

The stark white makes the street more of a ghost town than ever, emphasizing the empty shops.

Before, the coloured lights always distracted the eyes away from the forlorn empty buildings.

With the cost of these new lights plus the fact that they seem to be on for most of the day as well as the night, would it not have been better to use what the town already had. Please re-think next Christmas. We need to draw people into Hailsham not send them away.

E Green, Hailsham