LETTER: Have they taken leave of their senses?

Have our elected representatives at Wealden District Council taken leave of their senses?

I am compelled to wonder having caught up with the latest news in Horam.

It would appear that our village is earmarked for a crematorium. (I also hear they plan to stick hundreds of homes here too, no immediate link I trust?!)

Villages have been blighted before by crazy planning decisions and will be in the future, but why now and why us?

Hands up if you want a crematorium in your backyard... there is a distinct lack of hands showing in Horam and I dare say the rest of Wealden, too.

If anyone at Wealden District Council is listening please be assured that when I pop my clogs my friends and family in Horam will be happy to drive to one of the number of crematorium located in nearby towns, it is no trouble at all.

They have no desire to make a short walk to it!

Thank you.

Miles Groom

Toll Wood Road