LETTER: Horam plan is ‘unthinkable’

I’ve lived a long time. I’ve lived in Horam for nearly as long and in all that time (over 60 years) I have never heard of such a bad idea as the one being proposed by Wealden District Council to build a crematorium in my lane.

When you get to my age you go to more funerals that you’d like to, but that’s life. Hopefully my funeral won’t be anytime soon.

If it is, I’m sure my friends in the village and family members won’t have a problem jumping in the car to say their farewells at the Eastbourne crem – just like they did when my Shirley passed away.

I dearly hope they won’t be attending a crematorium in the heart of Horam village, it would break my heart.

It would be a tragic thing to happen to our little piece of England. It’s not needed, not wanted and will destroy the rural life we lead.

Hundreds and hundreds of cars pile into the Eastbourne crem day in, day out. It’s unthinkable that we will have that in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

Bob Holste

Chiddingly Road