LETTER: How can it be put into practice?

Cllr Susan Murray Green Party wants Proportional Representation (PR) to replace the current method of electing our MPs.

She made the point that Maria Caulfield was “elected on just 38 per cent casting in 2015”, interestingly the Green Party was just 5.5 per cent of the votes.

We know the principle of PR but how it can be put into practice, three questions are: would future governments be coalitions unless, in the unlikely event, one party gained 51 per cent of the votes cast, would there be no local representatives say for the likes of Lewes and Wealden, and no point in voting for individual candidates based on experience, qualifications, personality and other preferences as the chance of them becoming an MP would be minimal.

Perhaps Cllr Murray could, as an advocate of PR, explain.

Brian Beck

Highdown Road, Lewes