LETTER: I agree with Norman

I very much agree with the general point made by Norman Baker in last week’s [Sussex Express, May 12] letters.

It seems to me that in our constituency, the main question we have to ask ourselves is ‘do we want a hard-right Tory MP, or do we not want a hard-right Tory MP?’

If we want the former, we’ll vote Conservative. But if we want the latter, the only realistic alternative is to vote Liberal Democrat.

It seems probable, based on national trends, that a large proportion of the UKIP vote in 2015 (which polled higher than Labour in Lewes) will revert to the Conservatives. This being likely, it is most important that as many Green and Labour supporters who feel able to do so, vote tactically to oust the current MP.

That is what I’ll be doing this time around. It was also interesting to note in last week’s paper that despite jumping ship from UKIP to the Tories (which must have seemed like a prescient move in the light of recent council election results) Peter Charlton failed to hold on to his council seat in Newhaven.

Tony Sims

Western Road, Lewes