LETTER: I can’t afford to live in the town

According to Penny Lower, SNAP Branch Labour Party, (Letters 20.10.16) because I don’t live in Seaford, I would not be a valuable Councillor for Seaford as people like me ‘cannot substitute for them being residents, living among their constituents and participating in the community on a daily basis.’

The fact that I work in Seaford, shop in Seaford and socialise in Seaford apparently still means I woudn’t be as good as someone who has recently moved there.

I might add that three of my grandparents lived in Seaford and one was born there, but unfortunately because Seaford property values have always been higher than those in Newhaven, I can’t afford to live in the town where many of my family lived, something that I would have expected someone from the Labour Party to understand.

I wonder how many of Penny’s Grandparents lived in Seaford?

G Green