LETTER: I’d like to work with her on this

I sympathise with Maria Caulfield MP in Sussex Express’s article on Friday, September 8, regarding threats and bullying, online and postal.

Unfortunately reported bullying, intimidation and harassment appears to be of little import to the authorities concerned – unless you are lucky or an MP?

If Maria would like to champion anti-bullying I would love to work alongside her locally to address this ‘more common than you think’ problem.

My empathy stems from personally being on the receiving end, as well as listening to resident’s complaints, of trolling, intimidation and outright derogatory comments from Conservatives, during election campaigns, at public meetings and generally when venturing out in town or highlighting issues.

Maybe a good start would be to remind her local supporters and party members that respect is easily lost when it is not reciprocated.

Has she been blocked in purposefully by a vehicle when trying to reverse out of a parking space, leading to resurgence of domestic violence stress flashbacks after 20 years? Was she ‘stalked’ when out campaigning? Was she called ‘interfering’ and ‘old maid’ among other things? Was she pointed at and spoken to in a belittling manner at public meetings? I could go on but more serious examples are currently being reviewed for official complaint and it is important these cases are brought to the relevant authority’s attention. This might be small town stuff to an elected MP but it has unpleasant affects on those on the receiving end and shocks those who witness it. We are all in it together? Prove it!

Fiona House

Seaford Resident, community volunteer and chair, Independents for Seaford

Cinque Ports Way, Seaford