LETTER: I fear for our future

I very much hope that you will permit me to refute some inaccurate and damaging allegations about me that were included in last week’s letters page.

Linda Shaw, of Heathfield, asserts that I spread ‘vitriol’ by calling leave voters ‘bigots and charlatans’ and that I regarded the outcome of the referendum as ‘undemocratic’. My brief letter neither stated nor implied any of these things – it simply stated (tongue in cheek) that our MP might like to consider resignation, as David Cameron had done.

Ms Shaw has confused me with another of your correspondents.

But while writing, could I just mention one outcome of the way that the campaign was conducted that I find appalling? This is the significant increase in reported ‘hate crime’ incidents across the country.

Unfortunately, such things are happening in Lewes as well. A close friend who lives on St Anne’s Hill told me that on the evening of June 24 she heard a commotion outside her house and saw that an elderly man was shouting at a young woman. The gist of what he was saying was ‘get your passport and go back to your own country!’ Similar incidents have happened recently to my friend’s daughter (who was born and raised in this country) in the area of Lewes Station.

Unless a firm stand is taken against those emboldened to express such vile sentiments – based, no doubt, on the campaign waged by Farage and his fellow travellers – then I fear for the future of this country.

Tony Sims

Western Road