LETTER: I hope she can influence policy

I am writing to congratulate our local MP Maria Caulfield on her recent request for help to the Secretary of State for Transport regarding the future of rail services for Seaford.

I very much hope that she can influence government policy.

I note with interest, that only eight weeks ago, Maria described those of us who campaigned and petitioned on doorsteps to safeguard direct rail links to London as being “politically motivated scaremongers”.

One of the main concerns raised by voters in our recent by-election was the quality and future of train services. The misery and uncertainty caused to ordinary people was truly shocking.

So I am relieved that our local MP has finally realised the potential damage to the livelihoods and well-being of her constituents. I hope that she takes their concerns more seriously in the future.

Cllr M Wearmouth

Seaford Town Council

Church St