LETTER: I’ll give it a rest

This is a short reply to Katie Hawkes and Jon Gunson (letters, March 3).

It was a mistake to mention Tony Blair as a believer in the Post Script to my letter, it was an attempt at irony.

They are correct I have no formal climate science qualifications, I am a retired engineer who served an engineering apprenticeship including study at the old Brighton Technical College (1946-50).

For most of my time I worked on project management of major industrial projects (mainly oil, gas, steel and copper). I am an AWG sceptic but the purpose of my letter was to provide verifiable facts, not opinions, for anyone interested to draw their own conclusions.

In the engineering world any proposition is subject to check and test, that is what I have tried to do. One suggestion to the letters writers, don’t confuse weather (Doris) with climate, I have seen plenty of weather extremes. I’ll give global warming a rest “there are other fish to fry”.

Brian Beck

Highdown Rd, Lewes