LETTER: I’ll miss his sensible style

I should like to express my heartfelt gratitude to and respect for Andy Ash - the PCSO on Landport who is soon to be leaving this position.

Andy knows the whole estate, he knows everyone in it and what they are up to, including very importantly, the large population of under nineteen year olds.

He adopts exactly the right balance between insisting on acceptable behaviour and turning a blind eye to behaviour which may not be strictly following the rules, but which is not doing a great deal of harm.

All this, I think, is the essence of good policing – an example to be followed everywhere.

The word ‘constable’ comes from the french ‘connaitre’ meaning ‘to know’. A good policeperson knows what is going on in the community.

Andy’s sensible way of policing will be very much missed.

Roger Murray

Councillor Roger Murray, Green Party, Castle ward

Clare Road