LETTER: I’m half Welsh

Following my earlier letter on house building pressures I am sorry that Manek Dubash (Letter December 2) finds a statistic I took from the published 2011 census results to be “dodgy data”.

But in that very same issue of the Sussex Express we find the headline story concerns a government minister steamrollering a Newick housing development through, completely against the wishes of local people. And unfortunately we are likely to see much more of this in future.

In 2015 alone net migration, mainly into the urban areas of the UK, reached nearly a third of a million people. This, inevitably, will continue to produce knock-on effects on Sussex and the rest of the South East. Unless, that is, the government takes back control of our borders.

Manek is right in his guess about one thing however, I was indeed one of those who voted for national independence in the June referendum, or as he put it a “little Englander” – along with a majority of the rest of the voters. PS: I’m half Welsh.

John Harvey

Newhaven Rd, Rodmell