LETTER: I made a full recovery

I think the following states my thoughts about the closure of the stroke unit at the Princess Royal Hospital.

Five years ago, just before lunchtime, my wife noticed that I was showing the signs of ‘FAST’ and dialed 999.

As I was unaware of that phone call, and I was suffering a stroke, I was surprised that suddenly there was a paramedic in the room asking questions.

He was quickly followed by an ambulance crew, and I was on by way to Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath (a journey of seven miles) under ‘blues and twos’, and the team were waiting for me. Because of that instant care and treatment I received I made a full recovery, and apart from some tiredness I have no other symptoms.

In fact at a later check-up the consultant told my wife “had I not reached the hospital so quickly, I would have had serious problems”.

Ron Perou

Newick Drive, Newick