LETTER: I pray we have no stormy weather

About three months ago I noticed that elm trees, situated on a roadside embankment near my home in Lewes, had died.

I am concerned that, in a strong gale, the trees might be blown over into the road below and cause a serious accident.

I was, and still am, unsure as to which local authority has a statutory obligation to remove the trees. Therefore, I wrote to my local County Councillor who also happens to be a District Councillor.

One month later I had not received a reply so I wrote again. A reply is still awaited.

In the meantime I contacted the highway authority, East Sussex County Council. They responded by saying that the matter was the responsibility of Lewes District Council who, in turn, replied by saying that their Trees Officer was on sick leave so they were unable to comment at present.

Some weeks later, on his return to work, the Trees Officer replied by saying that the highway authority, East Sussex County Council, are the appropriate authority to deal with matter.

I would like to know if any reader knows which council officials’ backside needs to be kicked into action? In the meantime I pray that we do not have any stormy weather.

Bruce Yorke

Berkeley Row