LETTER: I speak as I find

I follow the argument from both sides of the hunting debate with interest.

Thus I would have to ask Alan Kirby why, given that there are over three hundred hunts operating very publicly, especially, as he mentions, on Boxing Day, have there not been any convictions in the previous two years under the Hunting Act?

As I understand these hunts meet an average of two days a week from November to March which equates to 12 thousand days hunting.

Yet the combined forces and resources of the League Against Cruel Sports, Hunt Saboteurs and International Fund for Animal Welfare, among others, have not been able to show any evidence of illegal hunting whatsoever. The argument that hunts are not trail laying is dead in the water – if it’s not then prove it.

Of course one has to remember that Alan and the organisations already mentioned rely on donations to pay their wages and keep them going. I, on the other hand, do not and so can speak as I find.

Warren Marshall

Woodbrook Cottage, Buxted