LETTER: I think I incurred penalty points!

Pleased to hear that M Marshall was a winner in the Christmas rail game.

Unfortunately I think I may have incurred penalty points at Hampden Park where I get off for work.

Slightly different rules apply here due to it not being a terminus; the main aim is to notify passengers wishing to travel towards Hastings they should leave the Eastbourne train, cross the platform and catch the Ore train on platform one.

I witnessed an elderly couple, both with suitcases on wheels, do this; having confirmed they were going to Bexhill I offered to run ahead and try to get the Ore train to wait for them as this was already in platform 1.

I was unsuccessful, both trains were on time so there was little chance of this ever being a successful process.

Fortunately, a member of staff pointed out that the next train to Ore would be in an hour and it would be quicker for them to catch the next train to Eastbourne and change there and we were able to inform the couple whilst they were half way across the bridge and BEFORE they had a heart attack!

I hope they completed their journey in good health and humour.

Penny Rowden