LETTER: I urge councils to address this

John Stockdale (Express September 16) should be congratulated on obtaining EU Referendum ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ positions for 17 of the 20 Lewes town councillors.

Interestingly 16 of the 17 respondents (94 per cent) were Remain and only one (six per cent) Leave.

Prior to the Referendum, the impression given was that Lewes town was significantly Remain but not to the extent shown in John Stockdale’s survey.

Also prior to the Referendum, requests for Seaford Town Councillors to declare their Remain or Leave positions fell largely on deaf ears, possibly because individual councillors felt such transparency might adversely affect their election prospects should their intentions be contrary to those who voted for them.

The impression given before June 23rd was that a highly significant proportion of Seaford voters, maybe 75 to 80 per cent, would vote Leave.

There is a suggestion, therefore, that the Remain/Leave makeup of the two largest town councils in the Lewes Constituency does not reflect the Remain/Leave ratio of the electorate they represent.

It would appear that in the absence of more robust data (particularly for Seaford), voters should ask their candidates whether they are Remain or Leave as such information is likely to impact significantly on many aspects of the future of the towns in which they live.

While respecting an individual councillor’s right to confidentiality, I would urge town, district and county councils to address this issue so that voters are able to include a candidate’s Remain/Leave position when deciding who they vote for.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman UKIP Lewes

Chyngton Way