LETTER: I’ve not visited Lewes since

I’ve just read your story regarding the parking issue in Lewes behind Laura Ashley with great interest [August 26].

I also received a letter which shows my car parked for exactly five minutes in one of these bays, along with a fine for £60.

I have been shopping in Lewes for over 20 years and understand the need for parking charges. In this case my heavily pregnant partner was actually waiting in the car as I had run into Boots for some medicine, before we drove to the top of the hill and parked in Westgate Street where we happily paid for a couple of hours as we regularly do. My son was born two days later! I considered a letter to the council but, given the above events, had better things to do!

Also, as it is a private enforcement company I figured the council wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. This was the last time I visited Lewes to make use of the shops and amenities – as my family have done at least weekly for many years – and I’m not inclined to return any time soon; we have found everything we need in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Uckfield (where there is free parking!).

I am perfectly happy to pay for parking services, but feel if enough people speak out we can at least highlight the unfairness of this particular issue. I can’t imagine Lewes Chamber of Commerce are happy seeing shoppers take their business elsewhere.

Jason Still

Yew Tree Farm, North Chailey