LETTER: I won’t forget his sacrifice

My great uncle Valentine Sullock Aveline Tardif was killed in the battle of Highwood on the 15th September 1916.

He was in the civil service rifles 15th Battalion regiment which later became the Prince of Wales Own Regiment.

The battalion took part in the general attack of 1v army at zero 5.30 am. A company on the right was successful and pushed forward to support line.

Unfortunately companies B,C and D were cut up by machine gun fire. My uncle sadly was in C company. He was 19 years of age. I have the honour of being named after him.

It is a French name and can be used for female and male. He is buried in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery.

His name is on several memorials one of which was used to make the wall to wall programme Not Forgotten in 2005.

I was interviewed by Ian Hislop and was pleased to honour my great uncle’s memory along with many others. I visited his grave in 2014 and was very moved. To think that at the age of 19 he gave his life for ours. I will not forget.

Aveline Moore

Great niece

High Hurst Close , Newick