LETTER: I would have objected

On Friday as I passed the town hall, I came across a hole in the pavement with a sheet of glass over the top and some ugly, modern tubular railings around it.

This is showing the original steps to the cellar of the old Star Inn where the martyrs were held before being burnt at the stake.

Now as a member of a Lewes bonfire society I understand the historical significance but I have a few questions.

Firstly, I don’t remember seeing any notice up about planning permission for this? As I would certainly have objected.

Secondly, didn’t the town hall look much prettier without this tubular eyesore?

Thirdly, an already narrow section of pavement has now been made narrower which should be interesting on the fifth of November as this will now be even more dangerous as spectators are likely to stand on it due to being crammed behind safety barriers.

Lastly, and in my eyes most importantly, what has happened to the incredibly rare, 19th century, locally made pavement window with hand blown coloured glass lights?

I was under the impression that this was listed? I may be mistaken, but what a shame for such a rare and beautiful object to be removed and I hope not destroyed.

Again extremely disappointed, almost as disappointed as when seeing that the beautiful view of the wharf buildings from Cliffe Bridge is now forever blighted by a concrete retaining wall.

Surely the original could have been strengthened from the inner side or at least the concrete could have been covered with matching reclaimed bricks.

Someone must be very proud of themselves...

Dominic Aynsleigh

High Street, Lewes