LETTER: I write in their support

After phoning the NHS on 111 at about 5.30am I was rushed by taxi to the A&E which wasn’t expecting me.

Within five minutes a nurse took my details and about 15 minutes later a doctor gave me an initial examination. After a further time of less than half an hour the results of my blood tests were reported to me, and when I was later deemed to have settled down another doctor whose name was Magda, I think, carefully explained what had happened. She took time to make sure that I understood what had happened to me, and that it appears that I had experienced an attack of vertigo which had been alarming and frightening, as other readers could perhaps confirm, but that there was no permanent damage.

A&E departments come in for far too much undeserved criticism, so I write this in their support. Everyone in the department was quietly efficient and understanding of a worried patient, and through your newspaper I ask you to convey this good report about those fine people.

Robin Kempe

Brook Street, Polegate