LETTER: If I were being cynical...

To Wealden District Council

I have just received my Council Tax bill for the next financial year.

I would be grateful if you could explain why the column for percentage change since last year for the Adult Social Care shows a 3 per cent change when in fact an increase to £61.55 from £24.02 is an increase of 156 per cent.

I understand that you explain in the notes that you are basing the 3 per cent figure on the combined total for ESCC and ASC but that does not change the fact that the increase is 156 per cent not 3 per cent. If one was being cynical it would seem that Wealden District Council is trying to disguise this massive percentage increase in ASC from less numerate Council Tax payers. I have copied this email to Nusrat Ghani MP, Sussex Express and BBC Sussex.

Adam Shallcross

Fletching Street, Mayfield