Letter: If the police went private?

Cameron wants to privatise the police force. Let’s just consider what this could mean.

A private security company is a commercial business that wants to make a profit. Remember the excesses of wheel clamping companies?

This would mean the following list of things could happen.

1 Many officers could be laid off and then re-employed as trainers on less money.

2 The people they are likely to train will be cheap foreign labour who come from countries with a different policing ethic. Third world policing methods will be the norm.

3 Incentive bonus schemes will encourage officers to go for the easiest arrest that best benefit their pocket. Instead of warnings being given to miscreants they are likely to be given a fixed penalty ticket or arrested.

4 Investigating time-consuming serious crime will be put on the back burner as there would be no money in it.

The general public and society as a whole will be the ones to suffer and we should do all we can to encourage the Police Federation to fight these proposals. It should be noted that a privatised police force would actually violate our Constitution which has protected us from tyrannical leaders and rulers for over a thousand years. Any violation of the constitution would constitute an act of treason.

Jack Lewis, Ely