LETTER: Immediately we felt at ease

I wish to write an open letter of thanks and would really appreciate your support in publishing it.

On August 15 we were blessed by the arrival of our first daughter Harper Grace. We live in Seaford and since Eastbourne hospital birthing unit had been downsized to a midwife-led department we decided to have our daughter at Brighton hospital in case any additional intervention was needed.

On the evening of her arrival we were diverted to Haywards Heath as Brighton hospital was full. It was such a lucky thing that we were diverted.

Immediately on arrival we felt at ease, the care we received was outstanding, from the porter who rushed to open the doors and whisk me off to triage to the incredible midwives, (in particular our midwife Ulga who stayed with us the entire time looking after our every wish and explaining things calmly and carefully when things did not go to plan), to the incredible surgical team and the aftercare nurses, the midwives on the ward and the nursery nursing specialists who helped me learn all about breastfeeding.

The list of thanks would fill your newspaper if I mentioned all the names, we are so fortunate to have the NHS and in Sussex we are privileged to have the fantastic staff who work so incredibly tirelessly to make the Princess Royal Hospital a facility to be proud of.

My husband and I and our daughter would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of those who worked so hard to make our stay on Bolney Ward a positive experience even when things did not go to plan. It’s so important that we support the NHS and the fantastic people who work within the system to make experiences like ours possible.

Josie Swan

Sutton Drove, Seaford