LETTER: Impossible to resolve

As an older person – with an equally ageing car – I am fortunately not affected by the problems experienced by Southern Rail passengers.

But I feel strongly that these people are undergoing an impossible to resolve situation. Surely re-nationalisation of the railways is the only answer?

Unfortunately the general public, particularly those in Conservative areas of the country, still baulk at the idea of nationalisation, believing that the word itself reeks of socialism and union power.

However, appraising the results of privatisation in our many once-owned public services, it seems this unfounded belief is gradually being eroded by circumstances such as this transport issue, which now affects so many people in this part of Sussex.

The voting public have, and continue to hand power to the people who ensure that services such as transport remain in the competitive world of awarding contracts, with the ultimate aim not of efficiency, but ever-increasing profits to the companies involved. Let’s not forget the recent fiasco of Coperforma in the field of local public health.

It is sad that many voters believe this rail situation will be solved by appeals to the government they elected, but in fact it will soon be repeated in other parts of the region. Everyone will suffer – the old, frail and disabled – but until political opinions start to shift, I fear that their well-intended protests will achieve little in the present circumstances.

Maybe they believe the new Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, will come to their aid?

They might be right, but leopards rarely change their spots, and Mr Grayling is one of the chief proponents of privatisation. These ongoing transport problems will, I believe, continue to plague us in the near future and far beyond.

I wish the protesters luck in their endeavours, but remain convinced that the re-nationalisation of our transport system will be the only efficacious answer.

Mary Clarke

Marine Crescent